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Store Application Mechanics

Since inception in 2008, the Apple App Store has enabled over 10 billion downloads and installations of iOS applications. The marketplace for iPhone applications is mammoth. The Apple App Store provides unparalleled opportunities to reach a wide and ever growing consumer base. While the Apple App Store shares many common elements with the web, its mechanics are distinct and unique from traditional websites. This means different search engine optimization (SEO) and branding tactics must be used to acquire new customers. In essence, developing an application is just the beginning with the Apple App Store.

At Single Digit Labs, we work with you to provide guidance on how to access, utilize and market your application to optimize it for the Apple App Store marketplace. Single Digit Labs serves up ample application consulting from the birth of your app concept through design and development, into Apple App Store application mechanics and best practices for ratings, rankings and reviews.

Apple Application Consulting

Single Digit Labs specializes in iOS or Apple App Store applications to provide our clients with great breadth and depth into the Apple app ecosystem. We have developed and marketed a variety of apps on the Apple App Store, including: social, educational, gaming, cataloguing and more. We work with our clients to create the desirable “window dressing” for their Apple App Store to entice potential customers to “open the door” and buy.

Mobile Consulting & App Development

At Single Digit Labs, we combine our knowledge of app development and the mobile marketplace to deliver a self-contained ecosystem of mobile strategy, user experience and Apple App Store consulting to provide a complete app deliver system that has been proven successful time and time again.

Single Digit Lab’s Apple App Store Mechanics Consulting includes:


  • Comprehensive Apple App Store Walk Through & Best Practice Guidance
  • Detailed Procedures for iTunes Connect for Modules & Account Info
  • Application Performance Analysis & Benchmarks with Sales & Trends
  • Apple Application Mechanics with MetaData, Pricing, Geography, Crash Log, Etc.
  • In-App Purchase Application Consulting with Embedded Apple App Store Functionality
  • Ad Integration Application Consulting with iAd Network including Revenue Tracking
  • Custom Application Consulting for Games, Magazines, Newspapers, Catalogs, etc.



Through our extensive Apple App Store experience we have compiled and detailed a comprehensive guideline of best practices to help you leverage the Apple App Store platform in order to increase your application’s success and revenue. The Apple App Store infrastructure can be confining and limiting to the untrained eye, but at Single Digit Labs we have lived and breathed the Apple App Store to understand how to successfully introduce, market and sell your application in this closed loop interface.

Single Digit Labs – More Than Apple Application Consulting

To market more than just a standard mobile Apple App Store application you must select a mobile application service provider with an eye for architecture, design and strategy. Single Digit Labs doesn’t help you get your application online, we deliver decisive Apple application mechanics to meet your mobile application objectives while aligning with your audience and defining your mobile application strategy. To do this we work one-on-one with your business to perfectly fit our recommendations to your specific application needs and goals.

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