Strong Gamification Strategy

Gamification has become one of today’s leading buzz words in both technology and business. There are clear trends towards using the behavioural science behind games to influence the behaviour of users and to increase brand and product loyalty. While gamification has been successful for apps such as Farmville and Words with Friends, this does not mean your company should seek to brand its own video game. Successful gamification of products and brands are done through a careful and precise balancing act between incentivising and engaging users while adding value and communicating the competitive advantages of your brand.

Single Digit Labs applies game design thinking principle while working one-on-one with your business to assess and devise a strong gamification strategy that influences and encourages user adoption. By applying gamification processes and applications to non-gamification realms, we can boost user engagement through tested and proven gamfication strategies, such as: game mapping, gaming mechanics and gaming methodologies.

Decisive Game Mechanics

At Single Digit Labs, we leverage our extensive mobile strategy and mobile user experience consulting to provide a comprehensive mobile gamification experience for our clients. Through strategizing and designing gamification solutions for Single Digit Labs clients we have tried and tested decisive game mechanics yield higher user engagement and enjoyment. Defining specific game mechanics coupled with strong game mapping and design translates to higher usability, engagement, ROI and data quality.

Single Digit Lab’s gamification consulting goes beyond game mapping and gaming mechanics with:

  • Behaviour User Analysis of Product/Service and Brand
  • User-Centric Behavioural Diagnosis and Assessment
  • Comprehensive Design & Integration of Reward Planning & Program
  • Data Quality Benchmark & Analysis for Current User Engagement Levels

Single Digit Labs specializes in mobile gamification strategies and implementation that focus on the core values of your business and allow you to acquire new customers through influencing customer behaviour and increasing user engagement levels.

Single Digit Labs – Beyond Gamification & Game Mechanics

To develop more than just a standard mobile gamification application you must select a mobile application service provider with an eye for architecture, design and strategy. Single Digit Labs doesn’t just deliver mobile gamification application solutions; we custom build mobile app solutions that perfectly fit our clients’ needs through understanding their mobile objectives, aligning with their audience and developing their mobile strategy.

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Single Digit Labs – Mobilizing Success