Mobile Experience

Defined Mobile Usability

Nailing the user experience takes more than fancy graphics and smart developers. Mobile experience requires above all the right user centric methodology which applies deep empathy towards the needs of the end user. Mobile users realize the difference between flashy, insufficient apps and reliable, effortless apps that get the job done quickly and seamlessly.

Single Digit Labs employs a very user centric methodology that approaches each mobile app creation with inquisition and end-user centric concentration with thoughtful placement of key user interface elements and intuitive, discoverable information layout with a simple, yet interactive visual flow.

Intuitive Mobile Experience

The majority of smartphone users have an intuitive feel for which mobile applications have the right user experience they seek. The right mobile experience makes users come back to use the app time and time again. By following a logical path flow for users and user-centric terminology, Single Digital Labs develops and consults on mobile experience (UI) to elevate content and functionality that users care about.

Single Digit Labs designs and consults on mobile application-user-design which takes into consideration the cost, benefits, context, end user engagement, target and structural aspects equally before making a formal recommendation. Through Single Digit Lab’s proven methodology and user-centric approach, we offer comprehensive guidance to advise on design, architect, development and user experience that considers technologies, platforms, devices, features, patterns and techniques.

Comprehensive Mobile Experience & Mobile Usability Consulting

At Single Digit Labs, we use our iterative design process to design mobile user experiences, with extensive usability testing, within the constraints of your business goals and market demand through:

  • Project Plan Based User Experience Pillars
  • Mobile Industry Direction & Trends Education
  • Detailed & Researched User Interface Design
  • Mobile Application Testing & Mobile Usability Testing
  • One-on-one Coaching of Usability and Design Guidelines
  • Technology Risk Mitigation with Incremental Release Roadmap
  • User Stories/Personas & Scenarios for Documentation Requirements

Single Digit Labs surpasses the service and delivery of the traditional mobile app developer, designer or usability consultant with extensive knowledge and experience of the mobile marketplace, mobile trends, mobile app development, mobile strategy, mobile user engagement, mobile gamification, mobile app store mechanics and much more.

Single Digit Labs – Beyond User Experience Consulting

To develop more than just a standard mobile application you must select a mobile application service provider with an eye for architecture, design and strategy. Single Digit Labs doesn’t just deliver mobile application solutions; we custom build mobile app solutions that perfectly fit our clients’ needs through understanding their mobile objectives, aligning with their audience and developing their mobile strategy.

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Single Digit Labs – Mobilizing Success